Cas No: 182410-00-0
Sulfobutylated beta-cyclodextrin sodium salt;Sodium sulfobutylether β-cyclodextrin;Betadex Sulfobutyl Ether Sodium;sulfobutyl ether B-cyclodextrin;sodium salts;sulfobutyl ethers; SBECD;Excipient SBECD;
Molecular Formula: C42H70O35
Molecular Weight: 1134.9842
Pubchem SID 66577045
Appearance:white powder
Purity: >=99%; USP standard
1. SBE-β-CD is a high water-soluble anionic cyclodextrin derivative. It can easily form non-covalent inclusion complexes with drug molecules, thus it has the good performances in enhancing drug stability, solubility and safety, reducing drug toxicity and hemolysis, covering up bad smell, and controlling drug release rate.
2. SBE-β-CD,as an excipient,has been used in injection, oral, nasal and eye medication. Modification by charged functional units can improve the binding affinity of cyclodextrins for oppositely charged guests, so it has a special affinity for drugs with nitrogen elements.