Product Name: Gamma-cyclodextrin

Cas No: 17465-86-0
Molecular Formula: C48H80O40
Molecular Weight: 1297.12
Appearance:white powder
Purity: >=98% USP standard
γ-Cyclodextrin is one of the three common forms of Cyclodextrin. The compound is composed of eight glucose units and forms the shape of a hollow truncated cone with a hydrophylic exterior and hydrophobic interior. Due to the larger number of glucose units the compound is more favored than the α (sc-257031) and β (sc-204430) counterparts and can form inclusion bodies with steroids and macrocycles. Due to γ-Cyclodextrin flexibility and non-coplanar structure the compound has a solubility of 232 g/L, 25°C. The compound can also be digested with both salivary and pancreatic amylase unlike α-Cyclodextrin and β-Cyclodextrin.