3-Hydroxypiperidine 6859-99-0 99% suppliers

3-Hydroxypiperidine 6859-99-0 99% suppliers

Model No.︰TCCS62

Brand Name︰Tocopharm

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description


Product Name: 3-Hydroxypiperidine

Cas No: 6859-99-0


3-Hydroxyhexahydropyridine;NSC 62082;Piperidin-3-ol;


Structural Formula: 3-Hydroxypiperidine 6859-99-0

Molecular Formula: C5H11NO

Molecular Weight: 101.15


white to yellowish crystal powder




It can be used to produce 3-hydroxy-piperidine-1-carbonyl chloride at the temperature of -65 °C. It will need reagent triethylamine and solvent CH2Cl2 with the reaction time of 15 hours. The yield is about 87%.


3-Hydroxypiperidine is usually used for Synthesis of unsymmetrical ureas,Synthesis of piperidine nucleoside analogs,Fluorination reactions,Synthesis of substituted pyridines.

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